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Create a school you can be proud of

Simplify and streamline your school so people have the tools and more time to focus on what really matters

Understand the true impact of your work

We pair your hard work with our platform by bringing together all the critical data points on each learner with everyone responsible for ensuring their success. We help you get to the heart of this data so you can understand the true impact of your work. Drive better outcomes to create a school you can be proud of.

Learner Support
Run internal school systems

Specific, measureable and actionable information to help drive better outcomes

Using the data you already have in your school today, SchoolWise helps you pinpoint exactly where you can ensure the success of every learner. You have complete visibility to spot trends, identify concerns and highlight critical teaching and learning issues.

Academic Tracking
Academic Tracking

Empower your teachers with the tools and information to support their learners

With meaningful metrics and purposeful reports combined with a powerful dashboard, SchoolWise raises the bar for a Gradebook that your teachers will love using. Instant access to critical data to help them support their learners in the classroom.

Teacher Gradebook

Purposeful planning that makes subject inspections stress-free

A truly collaborative experience for teachers where they can share and learn from each other, develop ‘best practice’ and work together on a common purpose. We walk departments through the entire planning process step by step ticking off compliance along the way. A common framework with subject specifications built-in to take the admin away so teachers can focus on what matters.

Curriculum Planning
Curriculum Planning

Supporting your learners every step of the way

A holistic view of every learner in your school that brings together all their critical data so you can effectively support them on their journey. Build support plans, set targets, run internal pastoral care and learning systems, track interactions and even create referrals. The all-in-one solution that thinks and works the way you do. 

Learner Support
Continuum of Support

Enterprise grade security that doesn't get in the way

Security is at the forefront of SchoolWise. We safeguard your data ensuring that people only have access to data they are supposed to. Granular permissions, dynamic roles and a sync with your MIS/SIS system make storing, accessing and sharing data – safe, secure and flexible. We put you in control.


Management, Leadership and Care Teams

Working together in harmony

SchoolWise brings people and data together in one central place. We give you the tools so everyone can work together in harmony.

Track every learners educational journey

You can securely capture every interaction you have with a learner in one place. Protect individual notes by roles, link notes to previous issues to stay organised and even create referrals for welfare issues. 

Track every learner

Secure messaging made easy

Imagine clicking one button to send a message to exactly the right people without cross-checking systems or having messages in one place without searching through messy inboxes and unread mails.

Message teachers

Easily run your internal systems

Stop adding dashes or asterisks to names and yellow dots to photos or resorting to messy spreadsheets to manage learning, behaviour or emotional systems. SchoolWise makes it simple, flexible and dynamic.

Priority Tags
Run internal school systems

Critical learner data in one place

SchoolWise removes the need for you to share critical learner data through shared folders, and messy links, or bury information in your existing systems only for nobody to even look at. Now you can securely store it in one place and easily share it with those that need it the most.

Learner Profile
Critical learner data in one place

Run better meetings and be better organised

Never again will you need to sift through handwritten notes or journals, need complicated recording systems or search across different apps. SchoolWise keeps you automatically organised with instant access to information at your fingertips for the next support or care team meeting, parent meeting or phone call.

Better meetings and stay organised

Work together without compromise

You will have ‘peace of mind’ knowing that SchoolWise enables your teams to store and access only relevant data securely. Counselling, care and management teams can have all their sensitive data in one place without compromising workflow or security.

Dynamic Roles

Learning Support and AEN Teams

Supporting learners every step of the way

Purpose-built learning support system with workflows, templates and tools to support your learner’s education journey.

Bring all your support and AEN data securely together in one place

Forget your complicated workflows or having to invent workarounds with existing systems. Remove the need for messy spreadsheets and the overwhelm of data stored in multiple places. SchoolWise takes away the mess and creates a calm, secure, purpose-built and easy-to-use system that works the way you do.

Learner Profile
AEN and Support Data

Continuum of Support

Core to providing a best-in-class support system for your learners is the continuum of support built right into the heart of SchoolWise. We provide you with the necessary tools and workflows to give learners the support they deserve with the best possible outcomes.

Support Category
Continuum of Support

Support plans to help drive better outcomes

Pre-built templates and built-in targets that help you manage the entire process of building, implementing and monitoring effective support plans that truly help ensure the best possible outcome for your learners.

Individual Learner Plan
Student support plan

Securely share critical learner data with your teachers

Your teachers don’t have time to scroll through spreadsheets or open 10 different tabs and have to log in to 5 different systems. They need instant access to the critical data to help support their learners in the classroom right at their fingertips. This is exactly what SchoolWise delivers.

Teacher Gradebook

Learning, social and emotional needs are managed in one place

SchoolWise removes the need for you to share critical learner data through shared folders, and messy links, or bury information in your existing systems only for nobody to even look at. Now you can securely store it in one place and easily share it with those that need it the most.

Learner Profile
Support needs of students

Make sure nobody is left behind

SchoolWise keeps you organised and in control of your busy environment. Instantly know what support plans are coming up for review and handle the entire process in SchoolWise. Easily search across the school for learning, social, emotional needs, internal systems and the continuum of support. Power insights at your fingertips.

Better meetings and stay organised


A platform that works and thinks like you do

Where teachers have the critical information they need to support each learner right at their fingertips.

The critical data you need to support every learner at your fingertips

SchoolWise brings together all the assessment, screening, learning support, pastoral and academic information on each learner in your class together in one place. The holistic view of each learner means you don’t have to hop, skip and jump between different apps and systems.

Teacher Gradebook

Works with the tools you already use today

No need for double-entry of data, extra logins or duplication of resources. A tool with the flexibility to work on your terms. Bring assessment data from Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams, use existing resource libraries and even plug SchoolWise right inside Teams. 

SchoolWise for Microsoft Teams

Meaningful metrics and purposeful reports

Meaningful metrics that help spot trends and highlight concerns. Gain a deep insight into the performance of learners across continuous and summative assessments. Parent-teacher meetings, care team meetings, class analysis, target setting, projects and much more. We do the work so you don’t have to.

Gradebook Report

Informed, involved and connected with the wider school team

Actionable information on the critical data points of each learner is succinctly broken down to help you understand the person behind the learner. Stay connected through a central learner profile where management, pastoral, and support teams can all work together with subject teachers.

Gradebook Profile

Subject planning without the admin and focus on the experience

You focus on teaching and learning. We remove the admin. We walk your departments through the entire planning process step by step ticking off compliance along the way. Finally, a planning tool that you won’t hate using. A common framework, collaborative approach with subject specifications built-in to help you meet your requirements. Don’t sweat the next inspection.

Curriculum Planning
Subject Planning Outcomes
Education Platform

What you can expect?
Ultimate Solution.

SchoolWise connects to the systems and data you already use in your school to create one connected education platform

Schoolwise Platform
Connects to your school management system

So you don't have to manage multiple systems

  • Syncs relevant data to SchoolWise
  • No manual setup or 'keeping it up to date'
  • Uses your MIS to secure access to data
Student Information Systems
Log in using your existing school email account

Because that's the way it should be!

  • No extra logins or passwords
  • Works with Microsoft 365
  • Works with Google Workspace
Works with the tools and data you already use today

No double entry, duplication or copy and paste

  • Import data for CAT4, PTM and more
  • Integrates with your favorite tools
  • Microsoft 365, Teams and Google Workspace
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