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SchoolWise Gradebook for Teams
SchoolWise for Microsoft Teams
Gradebook for Microsoft Teams
SchoolWise and Microsoft 365 for Education

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Apps you simply add to your existing Microsoft Teams configuration
SchoolWise for Microsoft Teams
Learner Support and AEN for Microsoft Teams

Learner Support App

Your school’s Management, Leadership and Care teams will add the Learner Support app. This can be added to all your existing teams or channels to track every learner’s journey. Capture notes, manage referrals, communicate with teachers, build support plans and monitor academic performance all from this app.

Gradebook for Microsoft Teams

Gradebook App

Gradebook is specifically designed for teachers and their class teams. They have all the critical learner data in one place to best support them in their classroom. Assessments can be imported from Teams, captured directly in Gradebook and sit right along side term assessments pulled from your school MIS/SIS system. Teachers have a holistic view of every learner in their class.

Curriculum Planner for Microsoft Teams

Curriculum Planning App

Subject departments can now work together to build their subject planning right inside Microsoft Teams. The app is added to faculty teams and channels to give a collaborative experience to subject planning. Combined with Microsoft Teams departments now have a purpose-built environment to foster best practices, share knowledge, resources and reflect on how planning takes place.

Simplify and Streamline Your School

Drive sustainable adoption of Microsoft 365

SchoolWise connects the tools you use in your school together and leverages the power of your data.

No extra log in, passwords, browser tabs or websites to remember

Add the app to Microsoft Teams and sign in using your school email address – simple. This removes any friction for staff accelerating the onboarding and adoption of SchoolWise throughout your school enabling you to extract value faster.

Microsoft 365 and SchoolWise Login

Syncs with your school MIS/SIS system for faster setup and zero maintenance

Once you add the app data such as learners, classes, departments and other information will be available in SchoolWise through Teams. This removes the need for any setup or having to “keep it up to date”. You can hit the ground running and leverage systems that are already in place!

SchoolWise MIS Sync

Add the apps to your existing Microsoft Teams and Channels

Simply add any of the apps to your existing teams setup. SchoolWise plugs right in alongside where you already work today. There is no extra setup or configuration required. SchoolWise even links in with existing document libraries and teams to make for a seamless experience.

SchoolWise Apps for Teams

Drive sustainable adoption of Microsoft 365 and Teams

SchoolWise brings all the critical learner data and people together in one place. This removes the need to hop, skip and jump between systems and platforms. Having one central place for everything will help drive the adoption of Microsoft Teams and SchoolWise.

Microsoft 365 drive adoption

Simplify workflows and enhance security at the same time

Everyone in your school can now work together without ever leaving Teams. Integrated workflows, one source of data and sync with other systems will reduce workload, remove stress and save time. Sync with your MIS/SIS combined with granular enterprise-level security in SchoolWise ensures people only see data they are supposed to.

Simplify your school
Education Platform

What you can expect?
Ultimate Solution.

SchoolWise connects to the systems and data you already use in your school to create one connected education platform

Schoolwise Platform
Connects to your school management system

So you don't have to manage multiple systems

  • Syncs relevant data to SchoolWise
  • No manual setup or 'keeping it up to date'
  • Uses your MIS to secure access to data
Log in using your existing school email account

Because that's the way it should be!

  • No extra logins or passwords
  • Works with Microsoft 365
  • Works with Google Workspace
Works with the tools and data you already use today

No double entry, duplication or copy and paste

  • Import data for CAT4, PTM and more
  • Integrates with your favorite tools
  • Microsoft 365, Teams and Google Workspace

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