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Support every learner.
Bring management, leadership and care teams together

Track every learner’s journey supporting them every step of the way. SchoolWise is the digital heart of your school that brings people and data together in one place to help drive better outcomes.

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SchoolWise is the digital heart of your school

Imagine a place where people and data work together in harmony creating a holistic view of every learner
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Tools in one place

Fewer tools and one central place that brings them all together

Replace fragmented systems, makeshift solutions and manual processes with the ultimate all-in-one platform that thinks and works the way you do.

SchoolWise takes all the information and data on each learner and brings it together to create a holistic view.

Critical data on every learner

Everyone is literally on the same page regardless of their role

Our unique ‘Learner Profile’ fosters collaboration and decision-making like never before by bringing together all the critical data points for each learner.

Management, guidance and counselling, AEN, learning support, year heads and more can all work together in harmony.

Intelligent workflows

Intelligent workflows that reduce workload, save time and simplify your school

Unify your school and stop searching for links buried among unread emails, browsing 50 folders to find that spreadsheet, or having to log in to 5 different systems.

We worry about the small things so you don’t have to. Let SchoolWise organise your day so you can focus on what matters.


How can SchoolWise help?

Your work changes lives and we give you the tools to make that job easier!

Works with the tools you use today

Deep integrations with your core systems and tools

  • SchoolWise seamlessly connects to your school MIS/SIS system and regularly syncs with it thoughout the day to ensure everything is up-to-date
  • Education partners with Microsoft and Google ensures you leverage the investments you have already made in existing systems
  • Screening and assessment tools such as CAT4, NGRT, PTM, PPAD-E, STAR, DOTs are automatically imported into SchoolWise. Don't waste time attaching reports or inputting data to systems that nobody even looks at
  • SchoolWise integrates with over 50+ tools and systems bringing all your data together in one place.

Enterprise grade security that won't get in the way

We worry about security so you don't have to

  • Out-of-the-box security is setup and ready to go leveraging your school MIS/SIS to configure pre-built policies
  • Robust and granular security puts you in full control to ensure people only have access to data they are supposed to
  • Easily map SchoolWise to your existing management structure so the flow of information is the same in reality
  • Your ICT department will love us! GDPR compliant with the latest security measures that work with your existing user authentication systems

Foster collaboration and decision making

Perfect harmony between management, leadership and care teams

  • SchoolWise brings together everyone from your management, leadership and care teams together with all the critical data points for each learner in one place
  • Keep everyone informed, involved and up to date in real-time to help make better decisions on the outcomes of each learner
  • Collaboration between teams has never been easier with workflows, reports, analysis and actionable insights
  • Get back your time and reduce your workload by getting what you need, when you need it through our intelligent workflows that work and think like you do

Give your learners the support they deserve

Holistic view of every learner in your school

  • Our unique 'Learner Profile' provides you with one central place to better understand the person and how best to support them
  • Create, manage and monitor support plans with a pre-built bank of targets that you can customise to standardise and create a 'best-in-class' support system across your school
  • Manage the entire support process from information gathering, implementing a plan, to monitoring and review in one seamless workflow
  • Instantly get deep insight into the support needs across your school and keep everyone organised on critical issues

Holistic view of every learner
Learning, social, emotional, physical, ability, academic, accomodations, medical, AEN, targets, meetings, parent interactions and much more help you understand the person behind the 'learner'
Single source of truth
The critical data on each learner is stored in one place. Gone are the days of fragmented information stored in different places that don't talk to each other and are complex to access or even keep up to date
Critical information for those that need it most
Don't make it hard to access critical information or lock it away. Teachers see your learners the most which is why the need to know how to best support each learner in their classroom. SchoolWise puts it at their fingertips
Individual learner plans that work
Easily map out the entire process to creating and monitoring support plans. Standardise the language around how support is delivered throughout your school. Create a 'best-in-class' support system for your learners
Run internal support systems with ease
Stop trying to 'force' or 'make-do' with inadequate systems that just are not designed to handle the complexities of how a school really works. Enjoy the ease of running pastoral, support or behaviour systems in SchoolWise
Capture every learner interaction
Advanced note functionality to capture phone calls, meetings, welfare issues and more. Secure a note, link to a previous note or even create a referral for all types of learner interactions
Smart and simple communications
Easily communicate or send messages to the relevant people with pre-built lists and loop others into conversations when you need to. No more searching inboxes, scrolling through chat windows or phone messages
Truly understand the support needs of your school
Deep insights will help you discover the true needs of learners right across your school. We get to the heart of your data making it easy to spot trends, highlight resource needs, gain valuable metrics to help drive better outomes

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