Academic Tracking

Actions not averages.
Focus on what you can do - not look back on what you could have

Academic Tracking in Schools

SchoolWise gets to the heart of the data you already have in your school and pinpoints how you ensure the success of every learner in your school through our holistic approach to academic tracking 

Academic Monitoring

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Not just fancy graphs and nice to see numbers that have 0% impact
Academic Tracking

How our academic tracking works

You upload the screening and assessment data already in your school to SchoolWise. This is a simple process that is seamlessly done without any double entry. We use screening data such as your CAT4 to set a baseline for each learner’s academic potential or ability. For each exam you upload, we generate an attainment score. Using our advanced analysis and algorithms we help you identify learners that are not reaching their academic potential and understand why.


We set a baseline for each learners overall academic potential. A new baseline can be set a multiple times throughout their time in your school such as the end of a cycle or key stage.


SchoolWise then analyses their exam results using our advanced algorithims. We generate an attainment score for each assessment. This is compared against their baseline.

Actionable Insights

Our traffic light system signals if a learner is reaching their academic potential. Specific, measureable and actionable information helps you understand their performance.

Sucessfull academic monitoring and intervention

Our holistic approach to academic tracking ensures you don’t look at the data in isolation. SchoolWise helps you better understand the person and other factors why they are not performing to their potential. You can implement the necessary interventions to best support each learner in SchoolWise, monitor and track their progress all within the same workflow.

Identify Learners

A holistic approach to academic tracking makes it easy to make better judgement calls when identifying which learners require an intervention. SchoolWise helps you better understand the person.


Easy to understand reports detail why a learner is not reaching their academic potential. SchoolWise then enables you to implement the correct supports to help ensure the success of every learner in your school.

Academic Monitoring

SchoolWise makes the job of monitoring the progress of a learner and their interventions part of the same workflow. We make sure that nobody is left behind in a busy school environment.
Specific, measureable and actionable tracking data

Specific, measureable and actionable data you will actually use

SchoolWise gives you easy-to-understand data to drive better outcomes for your learners. You won’t find meaningless metrics or nice-to-see averages. 

Easily pinpoint what learners require attention, quickly understand why and how to help them improve.

Holistic view of each learner

Holistic approach to identifing learners and the specific supports they need

We help you better understand the person not just their data. Sometimes other factors influence performance not just academics – you told us so!

Our learner profile gives you a holistic view of every person so you don’t look at tracking data in isolation.

Proactive academic tracking

Proactive academic tracking that impacts today's learners in your school

Who are the individual learners in your school right now who are not reaching their potential? SchoolWise instantly answers this question and more.

We help you impact today’s learners, not those you could have. We do this using data already in your school.


How can SchoolWise help?

Your work changes lives and we give you the tools to make that job easier!

Use the data already in your school

Reduce your workload not add to it

  • Use your existing summative term assessment data without the need for any double-entry
  • You don't need to ask your teachers to do any extra work. Work smarter not harder
  • Utilise the full extent of your CAT4 data to set a baseline of each learners academic potential
  • Leverage historic assessment data to quickly spot trends and highlight concerns

Academic Monitoring
Learner centered holistic approach

Your work changes lives - we make that job easier

  • SchoolWise truly places the learner at the centre of the academic tracking experience giving you a holistic view of every individual. This empowers you to effectively support them in the correct capacity to ensure the best possible outcomes
  • We value your time and know you don't want to waste it thrawling through data. We spell out what is working and what is not to quickly identify the needs of each learner
  • Track and monitor an indivivdual learner or place multiple learners on a 'watchlist'. This removes the need to manage external lists or spend time searching across systems
  • We give you the tools to reach more learners and understand their individual needs to best support them. Fewer tools means more time to focus on what really matters

Academic Monitoring
'Proper' academic tracking system

Others might say it - we actually mean it!

  • Benefit from our robust and purpose-built academic tracking system that is 'tried and tested' to produce results
  • SchoolWise uses proven solutions such as CAT4 to set a baseline for academic potential and measures that against attainment from your term assessments using our advanced algorithims
  • Benefit from our easy-to-understand analysis and workflows to track, monitor and action on performance issues
  • Other systems 'claim' to provide academic tracking - we think you'll find they don't when you see what SchoolWise can offer

Academic Tracker
Advanced analysis using the latest technology

Future proof your school

  • Leverage the power of SchoolWise through our deep analysis and actionable insights that will guarantee the success of every individual in your school
  • Automated workflows give you instant access to the information you need without any of the work
  • We remove the need for switching between different systems, collating fragmented data or onerous manual tasks
  • Use a purpose-built academic tracking framework that is not possible with your existing systems

Academic Tracker
Quickly extract value
Use the data already in your school without any double entry to quickly extract the value SchoolWise has to offer
No double-entry of data
No extra work required for your teachers or double-entry of data. SchoolWise seamlessly integrates with existing systems
Easy to understand
You won't be bombarded with meaningless metrics or endless reams of data. Simply what, who and why. Then action
Impact today's learners
Don't wait until it's too late to understand the impact you could have had. With SchoolWise you will positively impact the outcomes of today's learners
Truly holistic approach
We help you better understand the person to make informed decisions and decide the specific supports to achieve the best possible outcomes
Better judgement calls
Knowing if and when an intervention is required can be a complex and arduous process. We make that decision easier and make sure nobody is left behind
Bring people together
Collaboration between management, leadership, care teams and teachers has never been easier. Perfecy harmony to understand your impact and drive better outcomes
Robust solution
You have the comfort in knowing with SchoolWise you have a 'tried and tested' solution using the latest technology to help create a school you can be proud of

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