Assessment and Analysis

Raising the bar for assessment.
Meaningful metrics and purposeful reports

We are setting the new standard for a Gradebook that combines critical data points with a holistic view of every learner that teachers will love using.

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Gradebook - the new home where all of your assessment data can finally live together in one place

Where teachers have the critical information they need to support each learner right at their fingertips
Assessment for teachers

An assessment tool that works for teachers not against them

You have the freedom to directly capture assessments in SchoolWise or the autonomy to import from your favourite apps such as Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom.

No double-entry of data or manual input into different systems. Focus on what really matters.

Assessment Analysis

Indepth analysis that helps teachers understand the true impact of their work

Meaningful metrics that help spot trends and highlight concerns. Gain a deep insight into the performance of learners across continuous and summative assessments.

Data that follows the learner and the ability to look at previous academic years to helping to drive better outcomes

Assessment Reports

Intelligent and actionable reports that paint a real-time picture of each learner

Parent-teacher meetings, care team meetings, class analysis, target setting, projects and much more. We do the work so you don’t have to.

Actionable reports from CAT4 data, NGRT, PTM, PPAD-E and other screening tests that help you to make critical decisions.


How can SchoolWise help?

Your work changes lives and we give you the tools to make that job easier!

Gradebook that does 80% of the work with 20% input

Value led - not just data led

  • Teachers will love the experience of Gradebook since most of the data is already aggregated from other places in your school
  • SchoolWise brings together all your existing term assessment data, screening tests such as CAT4, NGRT, PPAD-E, etc. along with a holistic view of each learner through our unique 'Learner Profile'
  • Teachers can spend their time consuming the information already in Gradebook to help understand their impact and how to drive better outcomes
  • Purposeful reports with meaningful metrics will guide teachers on how to best support their learners in the classroom and beyond

Remove any friction around assessment

Assessment on your own terms

  • Teachers have the freedom to use Gradebook with their existing Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom setup and simply import assessments for analysis without the need for any double-entry - a win win!
  • When it comes to adding assessments to SchoolWise through our Gradebook, teachers can choose to add simple assessments or more complex assessments to suit their needs
  • Automated workflows, built-in grading scales and options to cover every situation means that using the Gradebook with be a delight for your teachers
  • Assessment data follows the learner meaning all historic assessment data will be available to look back on and not locked away in some complex ICT setup

Holistic approach to teaching and learning

Critical data points on every learner in one place

  • SchoolWise gives teachers a holistic view of each learner in their class so they can understand their individual needs and how best to support them
  • Combining the power of Learner Support with Gradebook means your teachers will have real-time critical data on each learner such as learning, social and emotional needs aswell as any pastoral information
  • Learners receiving support are easily identified and teachers now have instant access to their support plans, targets, resources and the ability to provide feedback on their progress
  • Additional data such as CAT4, PTM, NGRT, START, PPAD-E, DOT's and other screening and analyis data is now available to teachers in a secure and easy to understand format

Complete visibility of all your assessment data

Finally, all your assessment data now lives in one place

  • Regardless of the tools teachers use or how the assess their learners, once they are using Gradebook in SchoolWise you will have the ability to view all your assessment data in one place
  • Gone are the days when continuous assessment data is locked away in Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, spreadsheets or manual markbooks. You now have full visbility on how assessment takes place in your school
  • Unlock the knowledge and understand your impact through our deep insights and powerful analysis of your assessment data
  • Combine continuous assessment from the classroom with your term summative assessments to create an academic tracking system that is 'best-in-class'

A complete Gradebook solution for teachers
One they will love using and seamlessly works with the tools they already use. A gradebook that is purpose-built for teachers, rewards them for their input and truly gives back more than it needs
Seamlessly works with your existing assessment tools
We have over 50+ integrations with other systems and tools to protect any investment you have made and to remove any friction in adopting SchoolWise
Critical data points shared with teachers
Teachers have all the important information they need to effectively support their learners. SchoolWise gives them a holistic view to better understand each person
All types of assessment data is brought together in one place
You now have just one single location for all your continuous, summative, screening and other assessment data with actionable reports that are securely shared with teachers
AEN and Learning Support
A truly holistic approach to teaching and learning that does not look at assessment in isolation. Teachers have access to support plans, can give feedback on targets and are more involved in the process
Actionable insights with meaningful metrics
Teachers have access to meaningful metrics that informs decision making, triggers interventions and drives better outcomes. Actionable insights that highlight concerns, quickly spot trends and are easy to understand
Purposeful reports
SchoolWise makes it easy for teachers to drill down into their data to better understand their impact. Reports that actually save time and reduce workload such as parent teacher meetings, one-to-one or care team meetings
Consistent approach to assessment
Standardise how assessment takes place right across your school without comprimise. Flexible tools ensure every is one the same page and you get full visibility on how it takes place to ensure its success

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