“We recently had a whole school inspection and SchoolWise became the cornerstone. It was fantastic to see that some subject departments increased their performance by over 60%. It was then we truly appreciated the impact the platform has had on our school”
Presentation De La Salle College

Presentation De La Salle College

Presentation De La Salle is a voluntary co educational secondary school under the trusteeship of CEIST
A caring community dedicated to the development of the whole person in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

The Platform that Exceeds Expectations

“We had spent a couple of years trying out other solutions but none really met the needs of our school. The were either too complex to grasp, difficult to implement or just not coherent with the curriculum. SchoolWise already had an excellent relationship with a large number of schools and once we had a demonstration of the platform, we knew that they understood our needs inside out.”