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Meet Caoimhe

Caoimhe is a student who is extremely talented and proficient in each of her classes. She shines in every subject and soaks up knowledge very easily. She has won numerous awards for having outstanding grades and attendance. Caoimhe has a quiet personality but, does have a bubbly side to her as well.

Her Story

Every day Caoimhe finds it very difficult to organise herself and her locker which means she sometimes turns up late for class or forgets her material. This causes her stress and distracts her from her studies. Caoimhe keeps to herself most days and doesn’t involve herself in extra curricular activities. She really hates P.E class which makes her anxious and she sometimes becomes overwhelmed.

Even though on paper Caoimhe is an exceptional learner and 'will always do well', she is starting to lose concentration in some of her classes as she completes the work at a faster pace than her peers in class.

Because of this, Caoimhe is becoming uninterested and her teachers notice she is not her bright and bubbly self. She strives to be challenged and to be understood more as an individual in her ability.


Compassion: Be aware to the needs of others

Caomihe's journey through SchoolWise  acorn 

  • Organises her day and makes sure nothing is missed

    SchoolWise helps her stay organised for the next class, the day and the upcoming week. Her timetable right there when she logs into the platform.

    She knows right where she needs to be, what she has got on and when tasks for her teachers are due.

    Caoimhe is no longer distracted, is less stressed coming to school and is back to her bubbly self.

  • Challenging her to reach her potential

    SchoolWise automatically places each learner into a band based on their ability. Caoimhe's teachers now easily differentiate the work to support and challenge her in each of her subjects.

    Each teacher now knows in detail her learning style and ability so they can tailor their classroom activities that works best for Caoimhe.

    She gets paired with other learners that challenge her in different ways. Learning is fun again and Caoimhe is more engaged and motivated than ever.

  • "Always doing well"

    SchoolWise tracks each individual learner so Caoimhe's teachers can now see at a glance, in real-time her progress in each of her subjects.

    Her teachers can easily see who is improving and declining based on their own personal ability. Caoimhe is no longer left behind.

    No more "gut feelings" as her teachers can now see Caoimhe as an individual with SchoolWise building a holistic picture of each learner.

  • More inclusive and feels part of the community

    After it was flagged by her P.E. teacher in SchoolWise how anxious it was making her, Caoimhe is now leading the coding club in her school.

    Her teachers setup a social group in SchoolWise for to share her passion of computer science. It is a big hit with her peers some calling it "cool".

    Caoimhe is making new friends that share her passion and is much happier. She is more confident at trying new things and is less stressed about P.E.

  • Activated as an independent and self directed learner

    Teachers are now incorporating classroom strategies in their subject planning to engage and challenge Caoimhe and other learners.

    Differentiation and varied learning resources are now being incorporated by her teachers. Caoimhe now has access to these resources anytime, anywhere.

    The learner support department is now actively supporting all Caoimhe's teachers to adopt a more inclusive strategy across the school.

SchoolWise changes everything, it revolutionises how teachers engage with their students, from messaging to setting homework or sharing resources. It is incredibly easy to use. Embrace the technology

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