The new and better way to manage learning and teaching in your school
Departments can plan for the new Junior Cycle, get organised for the next parent teacher meeting, track student performance, capture all the information for an S.S.E. and you don't have to worry about the next inspection. SchoolWise gets all of the jobs done in one platform.
Curriculum Planning

We have got the Junior Cycle covered!

Everything that you need for your Junior Cycle subjects are setup in SchoolWise and ready to go

Junior Cycle Planning

Junior Cycle Planning and Teaching Made Easy

SchoolWise will walk you through the entire process step by step

Junior Cycle Specifications

We take the admin out of planning by having everything you need built-in and ready to go

Consistent Terminology

Consistent terminology instils confidence in everyone in their use and understanding of the Junior Cycle

True Collaboration

A space for departments to plan together, share the workload, learn from each other and build a unified plan

Done Once - refine over time

All of your planning automatically rolls over year on year, simply make changes along the way

Curriculum Planning

Welcome to the modern classroom

Where your students are informed, involved and engaged

Plan to Teach

We make your plans available in the classroom with all you need to share with your students

Start Every Class the Minute you Walk in

We setup your day so you can seamlessly move between classes automatically picking up where you left off

Self Directed Learning

The modern classroom that engages your students to actively participate in their own learning

Class Progress

You have greater clarity in what you have covered, what has been achieved and what you are doing next

Classroom Delivery
Assessment & Academic Tracking

Real-time academic tracking

We capture all you need to improve student outcomes

Real-time Academic Tracking

The complete picture on the attainment and progress of your students in real-time

Better Student Outcomes

We provide actionable easy to understand data so you can improve each students' performance

Automatically Generated Reports

Built-in reporting will save you time for the next subject department or parent teaching meeting

Consistent Assessment

Ensure your department are meeting all their requirements by automatically aligning assessments to your planning

Assessment and Academic Tracking


No more imports, exports, complex spreadsheets or manual mark books. Everything you need to know about your students' performance is automatically done and in one place saving you time.


Student Performance
Reporting & Compliance

The big picture of your school

Monitor, track and report on performance to drive best practice


Safeguard your School

When it comes to the next inspection or S.S.E. we have you covered

Strive for Best Practice

We provide the tools and space to foster and promote best practice

Make Informed Decisions

We spell out what works and does not work around critical teaching and learning issues

Visibility and Transparency

Get the big picture on all aspects of your schools performance

Reporting and Compliance

Make Sure No Learner is Left Behind

The continuum of support is built right into SchoolWise

Complete picture of each learner

A holistic view of every learner in your school with all the supports they need

Build your support plans

Set targets, create and monitor your intervention plans

No more folders, sticky notes or lost messages

SchoolWise stores all the information about each learner

Filter and search on any criteria


Classroom Delivery

One login, one platform with everything you need all in one place

SchoolWise seamlessly connects to the products you already use today

Plugin SchoolWise into VSWare and Office 365

Streamline your I.T. by standardising on the apps everyone uses

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