Where Outstanding
is the Norm
Improve the Productivity of Departments, Groups and Individuals to Increase Performance

Performance Insights that Guarantee Results

Students can shoot for the moon—and you can get them there

Real time attainment and progress of each student.

Pinpoint potential issues empowering you to take action and skyrocket performance. TAKE ACTION

Reclaim your Day!

No more exports, complex spreadsheets or mark books.

SchoolWise is the only platform that you need to automatically analyse and report the performance of each student.



Informed Decisions that Drive Success

Complete transparency and visibility right across your entire school


Instant access to quantifiable metrics around critical teaching and learning issues.
You can trust SchoolWise to help safeguard your accountability and increase school performance.  

Keep your finger on the pulse!

SchoolWise turns data into value by providing actionable insights that speak your language.
When you challenge what is possible outstanding becomes the norm.

Assessment HOW it should be

Quick and stress-free so you can focus on what REALLY matters

Track assessments at a glance.
You can easily grade and give feedback.
Save time and reduce your workload!
Assessment linked to planning

Planning and Assessment Become One

Assessments are linked to your lessons with a click of a button

Plan for Productivity

Start every class the second you walk in

SchoolWise will set up your day so you can move seamlessly between classes automatically picking up where you left off.

Teach Better Together

Departments plan collectively to save everyone time. Teaching and learning are consistent.

Department Planning

Learning in one place 

Planning, teaching or assessment? All of your resources are at your finger tips.

Learning Resources

Everything you need in One Platform

The solution that will actually be used and loved by everyone

Plug in SchoolWise

Plug SchoolWise into the tools that you already use today.

Fast on-boarding, simple to use and quick to setup.

SchoolWise is the only solution you need!

We put our heart, soul and countless hours into building a simple and easy to use platform.
Every aspect has been deeply considered to help you reclaim your day!