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Office 365
The Education Platform for Office 365
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OneNote Class Notebook

Power Up OneNote Class Notebooks

SchoolWise will Automatically Create Class Notebooks and Keep them in Sync! 


SchoolWise will create Class Notebooks from any group, add the sections and assign all of your students!


SchoolWise will let you link an existing Class Notebook to use with your group making sure your students always have access.


SchoolWise will automatically keep students synchronised with your Class Notebooks.

Everything you need all in one place

All your Office 365 apps are built right into SchoolWise

Create a documents, access your files or notebooks and check your email all in one place!

Office 365 is knitted right into the fabric of SchoolWise so you can build on the power of all your apps.

One Login One Password

Use your Office 365 login to access SchoolWise

OneDrive for Education

Get the most out of OneDrive

Access to your files whether planning, teaching or assessing

If you are creating lesson plans, setting students assignments or simply sharing files with groups, you have access to OneDrive.

Students can submit their assignments, projects and add to their eportfolio from OneDrive.

Everything you need in One Platform

The solution that will actually be used and loved by everyone

Plug in SchoolWise

Plug SchoolWise into the tools that you already use today.

Fast on-boarding, simple to use and quick to setup.

SchoolWise is the only solution you need!

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