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SchoolWise for Microsoft Teams

Work together without ever leaving Teams

SchoolWise combines assessment, academic tracking, learner support, and curriculum planning into one place inside Teams

Connect SchoolWise to Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams for Education

SchoolWise Transforms Microsoft Teams into an Education Platform

Take Your School to the Next Level and Power Up Teams! 


Simply add our apps to any class or department team you have already set up


SchoolWise links the class or department team to your MIS system such as VSware


Everything you need to manage teaching and learning is now all in one place

Your work changes lives and we give you the tools to make that job easier 💯


Bring SchoolWise to where everyone in your school already know and love  

Apps that work straight out of the box and seamlessly to connect everyone together
SchoolWise Teams Apps
Teams apps for SchoolWise

SchoolWise Gradebook for Teams

Gradebook that turns your data into decisions

SchoolWise brings all your assessment and learner data together in one place within Teams. Now you can have your term assessments from your MIS, together with Teams assignments, and the ability to add assessments in SchoolWise. This is coupled with actionable CAT4 data and the holistic view for teachers of every learner in their class.
We help you get to the heart of data so you can understand the impact of your work. Real-time actionable information that is easy to understand.
  Teams Assignments      Term Assessments       CAT4 Data       Learner Profiles   LEARN MORE
SchoolWise Gradebook for Teams

SchoolWise Learner Support for Teams

Learner Support makes sure that nobody is left behind

Track every leaners journey from the first time they walk into your school until the last time they leave. SchoolWise helps you build a holistic view of every learner with all the supports they need. No more folders, sticky notes or lost messages, SchoolWise stores all the information about each learner in one place.
Now you have specific, measurable and actionable data to guarantee the success of every individual in your school.
  Continuum of Support      NEPS Support Plans       Learner Profiles       Reporting    LEARN MORE
SchoolWise Learner Support for Teams

SchoolWise Curriculum Planning for Teams

Curriculum Planning made easy! Take the admin out of planning

SchoolWise walks you through the entire process step by step with all your subject specifications built-in and ready to go. Consistent terminology, a common framework and a truly collaborative experience make planning a breeze. We have got the Junior Cycle covered ensuring that everyone meets their requirements, identifies any gaps and captures reflections for school self evaluation.
Work smarter not harder and focus on improving learning outcomes for your learners.
  Junior Cycle Specs      Senior Cycle Specs       Framework Supports       Collaborative   LEARN MORE
SchoolWise Curriculum Planning for Teams


Perfect Harmony Between Management, Teaching and Learning

Drive Sustainable Teams Adoption in Your School

Harmony in your school

Everything you need in One Platform

Imagine having the ability to bring all the data, systems and technology together in one place

Get full visibility on teaching and learning in your school supporting everyone along the way!

Plug SchoolWise into the tools that you already use today.

Fast on-boarding, simple to use and quick to setup.

SchoolWise is the only solution you need!

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