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Meet Brian

Brian is a learner who always puts his best foot forward and throws himself into any situation. He is a very positive person who is always smiling and likes to be the joker of the class. Brian sees the best in everyone and everything. He is also the captain of the school football team and has proven to be a great leader.

His Story

Every day after class, Brian has to wait back and speak to his teacher to better understand how to complete some of his assignments or what was covered in class. Brian receives extra help as he struggles with traditional subjects but, busy teachers don't always have the time to support him. Unfortunately, he has dyslexia which holds him back and no matter how hard Brian works he always has this barrier in his way. This makes him anxious. On the other hand, Brian is superb at Art and has demonstrated some of his skills through doodling which covers his notebooks.

As a result of this roadblock, he is becoming increasingly frustrated and has developed an anxiety around the school environment causing him to act out. Brian is now beginning to skip some of his more challenging classes and frequently not turning in work set by his teachers.

Even though Brian is always seen with a smile on his face, on the inside he is embarrassed about his learning difficulty. Brian is starting to feel more uncomfortable and would much rather be on a football pitch than inside the schools walls.


Inclusivity: Everyone can realise their potential, their way

Brian's journey through SchoolWise  acorn 

  • Learner support makes sure he is not left behind

    Brian's disability is recorded in SchoolWise along with an intervention plan to support him and his teachers.

    His teachers and support staff have a more holistic view of Brian and the steps to help him along the way.

    SchoolWise ensures that Brian's journey through school is tracked and monitored to ensure he can reach his potential.

  • Support each individual learner on their journey

    SchoolWise gives Brian's teachers the tools and information to better understand how to support him.

    Each teacher now knows in detail his learning style and ability so they can tailor their classroom activities that works best for Brian.

    Brian can now be paired with other learners to help his progress and make learning more enjoyable and fun for Brian.

    His teachers can adapt the differentiation band for subjects where Brian is excelling such as his talent for Art.

  • Independent, confident and self directed learners

    Brian's teachers can now easily share all the resources and activities for each class that day on SchoolWise.

    SchoolWise has helped his teachers plan their lessons. Any completed lessons are now shared with Brian to review and revise.

    Now Brian does not have to worry about missing class when he is at football matches or rushing to take down instructions that day.

    SchoolWise automatically sends Brian a message at the end of the school day with a complete summary of all activities in each class.

  • Deliver the right instruction to support each learner

    SchoolWise has automatically placed Brian into the correct differentiation band so his teachers can now provide the right instructions.

    Brian no longer has to stay behind after class as his work is sent directly to him in SchoolWise with all the correct instructions and resources.

    He can also go back over all the work he has completed or that was set by his teachers to revise. Brian now feels empowered.

  • Reflect on their progress and achievements

    SchoolWise empowers Brian by giving him the tools to reflect on his progress across all his subjects and review all his tasks.

    Brian can acknowledge his achievements, review his work, feedback from his teachers and any resources to help support him as a learner.

    He is now a more confident learner and recognising his accomplishments has meant his disability no longer holds him back.

We trust SchoolWise is providing a platform for us to meet our requirements. It is helping us improve the grades of our students and create an inclusive school which is massive for us.

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