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Our platform tour focuses on the jobs that SchoolWise will do for your school from assessment to academic tracking, learner support, curriculum planning, reporting and analysis. SchoolWise combines all your jobs to be done in one easy to use platform.


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Learner Support

A holistic view of every learner in your school with all the supports they need

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Learner Profiles

Capture every learners educational journey from the first time they walk in until the last time they leave

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Individual Learner Plans (ILPs)

Build and monitor learner support plans, set targets and easily share with teachers

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Academic Tracking

Combine your CAT4 data with your summative assessments to ensure nobody is left behind

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Everything a teacher needs about their learners in one place.

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Capturing Assessments

Teachers can capture assessments from Teams, Classroom and in SchoolWise

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Curriculum Planning

Take the admin out of planning with everything setup and ready to go

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Unified School

SchoolWise brings everything you need together in one place

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Inclusive School

Grow and nurture an inclusive school that you can be proud of

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