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Meet Mary

Mary is a school leader who spends her day looking out for people. Mary holds the responsibility of the entire school in her hands and knows that the parents in her local community in which she lives, have put their trust and faith in her to provide the best possible education to their children. She is extremely proud of her school and aspires to be the best leader she can for both her staff and her learners.

Her Story

Mary is a support system for everyone within the school walls and looks after their wellbeing. She tries to make the day-to-day running of her school go calmly, but also ensuring that it is performing to the highest of standards. She knows her teachers are stretched and that her management teams are doing the best they can.

Because much of her day is spent looking out for others, Mary finds it hard to get what she needs done. As a result, Mary opens up the school doors early and closes them late most evenings never really switching off. The relentless administrative tasks of paperwork and reporting while also trying to stay on top of everything in her school, Mary is overworked.

When she makes it home, Mary is exhausted and doesn’t get to spend quality time with her friends and family as she is worrying about tomorrow's duties and what the day will hold for the welfare of her school.


Teamwork: Stronger together to cross boundaries and meet the needs of our schools

Mary's journey through SchoolWise  acorn 

  • Keep the whole school community organised and up to date

    All the events for the day, week and month are in one place so Mary can see exactly what is happening across the school.

    No more maintaining paper diaries, notice boards, needless emails and constant messages.

    Events such as CBA's, meetings and other important events are all in one place and available to staff.

  • Continuum of support for every learner

    Mary can finally ensure that no learner is left behind. She can quickly see all students that need intervention, monitor their progress and outcomes.

    She instantly has the "big picture" of every learner in her school. No more switching between systems, chasing information or paper notes and files.

    Care team and management meetings are much more productive with more time to make sure all her learners needs are met.

    SchoolWise is helping Mary and her dedicated staff to build an inclusive school that she is proud of.

  • Get to the heart of your data and measure your impact

    Reporting in SchoolWise is a breeze and cuts the time Mary usually spent on administrative tasks.

    SchoolWise spells out what is working and not working in her school and identifies critical issues instantly.

    Mary can ensure the wellbeing of her staff and learners while also helping identify anyone who may be in difficulty.

    Finally Mary has complete visibility on all aspects of her school and does not have to rely on "gut feelings" or snippets of data.

  • No learner left behind

    Mary knows that her dedicated staff are already stretched but SchoolWise gives them the actionable information to meet the needs of each learner.

    Her teachers can quickly identify critical learning and teaching issues and escalate them through SchoolWise.

    Mary can now share the actionable information with her staff on each learner and measure their progress across all subjects in real-time.

  • Collaborative spaces for departments to work together

    Staff are now working together to sharing their knowledge, resources and developing best practice in their departments through SchoolWise.

    The subject planner in SchoolWise ensures that departments are not only meeting their requirements but providing the best possible learning experience.

    Teachers are now less stressed, are sharing the workload and now have more time to focus on what really matters.

  • Simple messaging to communicate with your entire school

    SchoolWise automatically builds mailing lists for departments, class groups and individuals so you can quickly message anyone.

    Mary spends less time in email because everything can be done safely and securely in SchoolWise.

    Everyone in her school only gets one email at the end of the school day to make sure nothing goes unmissed.

SchoolWise changes everything, it revolutionises how teachers engage with their students, from messaging to setting homework or sharing resources. It is incredibly easy to use. Embrace the technology

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