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Meet John

John is an educator who is greatly invested in each and every one of his learners. John sees his role to educate and nurture the young adults of today by passing on his knowledge in a way that taps into their passions and resonates with them helping to unlock their potential.

His Story

John absolutely loves to teach and as a lifelong learner he also loves to grow his own knowledge. John has had very little time to do this as he spends most of his 'free' time planning, reporting, organising classes for the weeks ahead all while keeping on top of homework assignments and assessments. John is also a year head to Caoimhe and Brian.

Every day he is trying his best to look out for each learner individually but John finds it difficult to fulfill each of their needs. He doesn’t have enough time to sit down with them personally and is struggling to keep on track of his own learners. John really takes this to heart.

Because of this, John is finding it difficult to balance his own passions of his family and lifelong learning with those in his work life. John is stressed and needs to dedicate time for himself.


Respect: We value every human and invest in their development as an individual

John's journey through SchoolWise  acorn 

  • Done once, done forever and simply refined over time

    John's departments all have a collaborative space to plan, share their workload, knowledge and resources.

    SchoolWise has all the subject specifications built into the platform to make sure John meets his requirements.

    John has a common framework that walks him through the entire process to plan his day, week even his year.

  • Easily set and track homework and assignments

    SchoolWise saves John time by quickly enabling him to set and track work for his classes.

    John can see at a glance all the work he has set each class over the year with SchoolWise.

    He can now easily differentiate the work to support and challenge each of his learners.

    The platform keeps John and his learners organised and up to date with all the tasks he has set in across all subjects.

  • Measure your impact

    John can see at a glance all the assessment information in real-time for each individual learner along with their differentiation bands and learning style.

    No more import, exporting, collating information and producing reports. SchoolWise builds all the reports for John and pulls in the data from other places so he has everything in one place.

    John can easily issue grades and feedback to his classes. His learners now have their very own Gradebook too where they can reflect on their learning.

  • Everything you need to know about each individual learner

    John's other job as a year head is now so much easier in SchoolWise. He now has a holistic view of every learner in his year group.

    SchoolWise saves him time now that he can instantly send important messages to each learner and all their teachers.

    He can quickly filter students in his year group where intervention is required such as not turning in their work or absences.

  • Engage, empower and share your knowledge

    John can easily share all the resources and activities for each class with his learners through SchoolWise.

    He can make sure that any learners who are busy with extra-curricular activities or absent from class do not miss anything.

    SchoolWise enables John to start every class from the second he walks in by having everything he needs setup and ready to go.

  • SchoolWise organises your day

    John immediately knows what he has got on today and this week. His timetable along with tasks across all his classes and staff events finally in one place.

    He can access the school MIS system to take the roll or record behavior, check his school email, access all his files and apps without leaving SchoolWise.

    No more reminder emails and last minute cramming now that all John's learners know exactly what needs to be completed and when.

    From extra-curricular events to social groups, trips and sports events. The whole school is now informed and up to date with what is happening.

The platforms that we were using in the past were fragmented, are all now in one place. Teachers now have access to anything the need in the day to day running of the school all in one platform which is a huge benefit.

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