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In partnership with SchoolWise and Microsoft

Tuesday the 11th of May @ 3:15pm

Digital Transformation in Education

Drive sustainable adoption of Microsoft Teams while also leveraging the hard work and investment in technology for your school

We are delighted to co-host this event with Microsoft Ireland to cover the digital transformation in schools. Learn about the suite of tools from Microsoft combined with the power of SchoolWise, and how everyone in your school can work together without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.
SchoolWise combines assessment, academic tracking, learner support and curriculum planning into one place inside Microsoft Teams. See how you can simplify and streamline all the technology in your school.
SchoolWise for Microsoft Teams



Karen Burke | Microsoft

Karen is the Customer Service Manager in Microsoft Education Ireland in that role she supports the development and training to allow for the development of successful digital strategies in educational institutions. She is an MIE Master Trainer and specialises in the use the use of Office 365 as a platform for Teaching & Learning with a particular focus on Microsoft Teams & OneNote. Karen is an educator with more than 10 years’ experience in UK and Ireland and has previously worked in one of Microsoft Showcase Schools 

Karen Burke

Leslie Turner | SchoolWise

Leslie is the co-founder of SchoolWise and has over 15 years experience working in education. He leads product design, training and customer success in the company with a focus on ensuring schools benefit and extract the value from our platform. Leslie also works with partners in education to combine solutions to create compelling offerings for technology enhanced learning.

Leslie Turner

Perfect Harmony Between Management, Teaching and Learning

Drive Sustainable Adoption of Microsoft Teams in Your School

Harmony in your school

Everything you need in One Platform

Imagine having the ability to bring all the data, systems and technology together in one place

Get full visibility on teaching and learning in your school supporting everyone along the way!

Plug SchoolWise into the tools that you already use today.

Fast on-boarding, simple to use and quick to setup.

SchoolWise is the only solution you need!

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